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Word Example of - entrance

    Example Sentences for entrance

    The village was about six miles above the entrance of the Illinois into the Mississippi River.

    His entrance in the very first part of the play is delightful.

    Another door gave us entrance to the quarter of the squires.

    He came back, walked into the entrance hall, and opened the door softly.

    On the 22d, we passed the entrance of the Straits of San Bernadino.

    Its evil effects are to be found by turning to those who fail to get entrance to it.

    All these rooms were on the ground floor and entrance was easy.

    Gulveig the Witch came into Asgard, for Heimdall might not forbid her entrance.

    On one side is Hans Sachs's modest shoemaker's shop, on the other the entrance to Pogner's stately dwelling.

    Then what clearness of thought is revealed by their entrance into an Order!

Word Origin & History of - entrance

    Word Origin & History

    entrance 1520s, from M.Fr. entrance, from entrer (see enter). Originally "act of entering," sense of "door, gate" first recorded in English 1530s.

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