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Word Example of - entrancement

    Example Sentences for entrancement

    He seemed to wake up at last out of his entrancement, and the red sun was there before his eyes.

    A timid reserve followed the first entrancement, but it was the struggle of respect, of honour against a fatal passion.

    He was afraid of his own young rashness and the entrancement of the dream.

    When the entrancement is accomplished, the manifestations may take place in different ways.

    Her entrancement usually starts with scenes of the events which followed the Last Supper.

    Spring came, and the tune changed with the entrancement of Persephone's release in the balmy warmth of the South.

    Alice's entrancement—love, to call it by the right name—audible and visible in every word, every look, added to her confusion.

    I will go into the country and philosophise; some gleams of past entrancement may visit me there.

    Happy times when six children, all in all to each other, told wonderful stories in low voices for their own entrancement.

    The eye of the young chief followed her with the gaze of entrancement.

Word Origin & History of - entrancement

    Word Origin & History

    entrance 1520s, from M.Fr. entrance, from entrer (see enter). Originally "act of entering," sense of "door, gate" first recorded in English 1530s.

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