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Word Example of - entrap

    Example Sentences for entrap

    I was afraid he would act too hastily, and thereby overthrow the plans we had set on foot to entrap the guilty parties.

    No; you can say that you entered into the plan in order to entrap my uncle.

    Ingenious methods were employed by our submarines to entrap the enemy's ships, and especially their submarines.

    And now, he thought, they would try to entrap him into some damaging admission.

    Indeed Henrys attempt to entrap the innocence of his son-in-law, would almost indicate that he was very far advanced in dotage.

    He made no plans to encourage himself, nor schemes to entrap the girl.

    It seemed possible therefore to entrap Floyd, and this was what Rosecrans determined to attempt.

    I am anxious to see the plan to entrap Chase at once set in operation.

    He thought the mother might come to their rescue and prepared to entrap her.

    That girl is doing her best to entrap you into some rash promise.

Word Origin & History of - entrap

    Word Origin & History

    entrap 1530s, from O.Fr. entraper; see en- + trap.

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