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What is a better word for enunciation? What's another word for enunciation? What are 5 "enunciation synonyms"? How can I replace the word enunciation? What is the meaning of enunciation in English?

Word Example of - enunciation

    Example Sentences for enunciation

    She held them there in their preliminary position of enunciation, pursed and wrinkled, like the tied end of a sausage-link.

    What was the slight peculiarity of her enunciation, when she read?

    Something in the enunciation puzzled Karyl with a hint of the familiar.

    His enunciation would have been almost totally unintelligible to a stranger.

    You admire the limpidity of his thought, the purity of his enunciation, and your own knowledge of a tongue so recently acquired.

    Her carriage is excellent, and her enunciation is perfectly clear.

    Hardly could he rally his tongue to the enunciation of a single platitude even of the most obviously staring sort.

    The Philadelphian is quite as marked in tone and enunciation.

    The enunciation of the greatest dogmas did not prevent his anti-theological temper bursting forth.

    His enunciation was peculiarly pure, and I doubt not that he was a gentleman born.

Word Origin & History of - enunciation

    Word Origin & History

    enunciation 1530s, from L. enuntiationem (nom. enuntiatio), from enuntiare "enunciate," from ex- "from" + nuntius "messenger" (see nuncio).