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Word Example of - envelop

    Example Sentences for envelop

    You roll down and fold from four to six times, not counting the time you envelop the butter in the dough.

    A cloud of delicate incense seemed to envelop them as their lips met.

    "Then here is the will," said Hatchie, handing him the packet, which he had taken the precaution to envelop in oil-cloth.

    She was silent a moment, pondering, hesitation and confusion seeming to envelop her.

    What need to envelop a good case in a web of obvious romance?

    The dark brown folds seemed to envelop the face of the earth.

    With a mystified expression upon her face, she tore open the envelop.

    As a capper he digs up that envelop, to show her there needn't be any hitch in the program.

    Now, however, it is my duty to fathom the mystery in which you have chosen to envelop yourself.

    A grunt was the only reply, and they prepared to envelop her again.

Word Origin & History of - envelop

    Word Origin & History

    envelop late 14c., "be involved in," from O.Fr. envoluper, from en- "in" + voloper "wrap up," of uncertain origin, perhaps Celtic.

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