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Word Example of - envelope

    Example Sentences for envelope

    He won't refuse them; but if he does I shall hand him the envelope just the same.

    He handed the envelope to the other and the colonel transferred it to his pocket.

    The dress was brought forth from its envelope of white linen.

    Nancy slipped it back in the envelope and picked up the second letter.

    Refolding the sheets, he slipped them into an envelope with enthusiastic finality.

    I punched a hole with a pin in the crease of the envelope at each end.

    Mr. Jobling exclaimed anxiously as he ripped the envelope open.

    "Now here's something else, Rowland," he continued, producing an envelope.

    Jerrold, thus urged, tore open the envelope, drew out the sheet and cast his eyes over it.

    She had just returned the letter to its envelope when a gay voice sounded in her ears.

Word Origin & History of - envelope

    Word Origin & History

    envelope 1705, from Fr. enveloppe, a back-formation of envelopper "to envelop" (see envelop).

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