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Word Example of - envoy

    Example Sentences for envoy

    So this envoy met with a wandering physician at Engaddi, ha!

    The envoy had not reached Cadiz when Bthencourt landed at the fort on Lancerota.

    And there's an envoy from Sypolis arrived; some think the Assembly has broken up; they were all at daggers drawn.

    He was exceedingly chagrined by the cruel blunder perpetrated by his envoy.

    He declined to receive the Envoy, and ordered a blockade of all the factories.

    He was so willing that he sent an envoy to Boston to ratify a treaty.

    He inquired the name of the envoy, and the number of men on board.

    About the end of April an envoy from the Shah arrived at Finkenstein.

    An envoy arriving at a new post has one consolation, not an unmitigatedly agreeable one.

    Because he was sent as an envoy from one sovereign to another.

Word Origin & History of - envoy

    Word Origin & History of envoy

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