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Word Example of - epidermis

    Example Sentences for epidermis

    Unseen by Honey Tone, he removed a small horseshoe from between the saddle blanket and the mule's epidermis.

    "My epidermis has thickened since those days," he returns, with a laugh.

    In this way the epidermis is raised into the flat solid papules which are the early lesions of the disease.

    The complete peeling off of the epidermis shows the true cause of the disease.

    The auditory regions of the epidermis are usually shut off from the surface in special sacks.

    Wrinkles and warts on the epidermis; this is the work of time.

    Its peel is very thick, and covered with an epidermis which encloses a very fragrant and highly prized essential oil.

    In such cases the hairs are mere excrescences from the epidermis.

    These glands discharge sometimes directly through the epidermis, but more often into the orifice of the hair-sheath.

    This aids in preventing decay and slipping of the epidermis.

Word Origin & History of - epidermis

    Word Origin & History

    epidermis 1626, from Gk. epidermis, from epi- "on" + derma "skin."

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