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Word Example of - epitome

    Example Sentences for epitome

    That "I am" seems a sort of epitome of the humanism, not to say of the pathos of the humanism of the time.

    Talking, rightly considered, is the expression and epitome of life itself.

    There is no need to form an abstract or epitome of a work in which nothing is superfluous, nothing valueless.

    A concentrated, but full and powerful, epitome of his labours was the consequence.

    The author has drawn fully from the best writers on the subject, and her book is an epitome of the best thought of all.

    To meet him and his family on trek is to glimpse an epitome of his life.

    Podbury on a bench, grappling with the "Epitome of Spencer."

    Is the land's epitome, or you may call it the lesser isle of Great Britain.

    The Curetonian Epistles with the shortest and least hierarchical text give the impression of being an epitome.

    The epitaph nearly seems the epitome of all that he says of Rose Maylie.

Word Origin & History of - epitome

    Word Origin & History

    epitome 1520s, "an abstract; brief statement of the chief points of some writing," from M.Fr., from L., from Gk. epitome "abridgment," from epitemnein "cut short, abridge," from epi- "into" + temnein "to cut" (see tome). Sense of "person or thing that typifies something" is first recorded c.1600.

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