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Word Example of - epitomize

    Example Sentences for epitomize

    Before adverting to the most serious fact it is as well to epitomize the political action which has created it.

    They epitomize all the thought, passion, and poetry of a nation and of a period.

    Perhaps the tendency of modern journalism is to epitomize too much.

    They epitomize the moral and intellectual life of the artist.

    "You epitomize it beautifully," said Mr. Caryll, with a reversion to his habitual manner.

    Doesn't that epitomize the contempt of the highlander for the lowlander?

    They seemed to epitomize not merely a nation, not merely a flag, but the unbreakable sanctity of human rights and human life.

    But did he epitomize all science in his own person as Hippocrates did and Galen and Aristotle?

    I extended one arm with a gesture intended to epitomize great majesty.

    To epitomize the facts; the total of London hospitals or infirmaries with wards for the sick amounts to 49.

Word Origin & History of - epitomize

    Word Origin & History

    epitomize 1590s, from epitome + -ize. Related: Epitomized; epitomizing; epitomizes.

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