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Word Example of - eponym

    Example Sentences for eponym

    Sardanapalus, the eponym of Oriental luxury, furnishes a good subject for this style of composition.

    As much is suggested by the following entry in an eponym list.

    Eponym, ep′o-nim, n. a mythical personage created to account for the name of a tribe or people: a special title.

    And in this respect Herakles was the eponym and patron of an order which existed throughout Doric Hellas.

    As for this eponym thing, why Saint Augustine called attention to it fifteen hundred years ago.

    The case is different with Herakles, the patron, eponym, and ancestor of Dorian Hellas.

    Xanthus, however, puts Torrhebus in the place of Tyrsenus, and makes him the eponym of a district in Lydia.

    This, however, as we learn from the Eponym Canon, was not all.

    The word 'Abram' is merely an eponym—it means 'exalted father.'

Word Origin & History of - eponym

    Word Origin & History

    eponym 1846, from Gk. eponymos given as a name, from epi upon + onoma (see name). One whose name becomes that of a place, a people, an era, an institution, etc.

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