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What is a better word for equable? What's another word for equable? What are 5 "equable synonyms"? How can I replace the word equable? What is the meaning of equable in English?

Word Example of - equable

    Example Sentences for equable

    Jimmy's tone was equable, but he shot Hanson a quick glance.

    There was something round and equable about this man's talk, and about his creeds.

    The only equable motion she has, is her revolution on her own axis.

    Mrs de Barral was an equable, unassuming woman, at that time.

    In daylight radiancy and equable colouring he is surpassed perhaps by Veronese.

    The men were happy, not hilariously so, but in a placid, equable fashion.

    It is frequently stated, as a reason for its equable climate, that Scilly lies right in the course of the Gulf Stream.

    They hardly knew the man, usually so equable and quiet as to be almost stolid.

    I was really anxious about her; she was so strangely unlike her calm, equable self.

    The climate was declared to be unequalled, salubrious, equable, pleasant and bracing.

Word Origin & History of - equable

    Word Origin & History

    equable 1670s, from L. aequabilis "equal, consistent, uniform," from aequare "make uniform." Equability is from 1530s.