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Word Example of - equal

    Example Sentences for equal

    He might be her equal some day, at present he was—her brother's guest and domestic.

    Rival is equal, and love like death an universal leveller of mankind.

    The losses in this battle were about equal, 600 killed and wounded in each army.

    Men who were equal would be in a state of nature such as was imagined.

    The Bellamy, says the critic, was only equal to the Cibber in expressing the ecstasy of love.

    But the equanimity of Francois Blanc was equal to all adventures.

    The loss of men was about equal on both sides, and no ships were lost at all.

    That has never furnished a bond of equal reality to that of capture or purchase.

    A charming book of equal interest to children and their elders.

    Legends and history were of equal value, since both were used for edification.

Word Origin & History of - equal

    Word Origin & History

    equal late 14c., from L. aequalis "uniform, identical, equal," from aequus "level, even, just," of unknown origin. Parallel formation egal (from O.Fr. egal) was in use late 14c.-17c.

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