"equally Synonyms"

What is a better word for equally? What's another word for equally? What are 5 "equally synonyms"? How can I replace the word equally? What is the meaning of equally in English?

Word Example of - equally

    Example Sentences for equally

    They'd been equally firm about other people calling to make counterthreats.

    With no income save what she earned from week to week they were equally impossible.

    The cue of the Chinaman is equally as acceptable as hairs from the mane of the English lion.

    They are all equally worthy of attention from the fact that they existed and were used.

    The country east of the Jordan equally obeyed Egyptian rule.

    Young's dictatorship in the choice of wives was equally absolute.

    It appears that there is abundance of grain and meat in the country, if it were only equally distributed among the consumers.

    A hundred other equally concrete instances will be found in the text-books.

    Provisions were again short, and had to be apportioned sparingly and equally.

    But this was equally well expressed in terms of the fiction employed.

Word Origin & History of - equally

    Word Origin & History

    equally late 14c., from equal + -ly (2).