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The Synonym of - equidistant (adjective)

Word Example of - equidistant

    Example Sentences for equidistant

    The holes were not equidistant from each other, and then they were not at the same distance from the edge of the board.

    We think a ratchet wheel should not be employed with equidistant pallets.

    On the table at equidistant points stand two tiny tables or dumb-waiters, which are made to revolve.

    But, again, the middle will be equidistant from the extremes; or it would not be in the middle?

    They are equidistant from the longitudinal walls, and may have been the foundations for a chimney.

    He perceived that the holes were not in a straight line, nor were they equidistant from each other.

    After several days the surviving males had taken positions so that each was equidistant from his neighbors.

    In the same direction and equidistant was the Khalifa's house.

    Pallets may be divided into two kinds, namely: equidistant and circular.

    All six spines are equidistant, of equal size and similar form, and lie with their branches nearly in one horizontal plane.

Word Origin & History of - equidistant

    Word Origin & History

    equidistant 1560s, from Fr. équidistant, from L.L. aequidistantem, from aequi- (see equal) + distantem (see distant). In reference to a type of map projection, from 1866.

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