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Word Example of - equitably

    Example Sentences for equitably

    Either party may dissolve the marriage at will, but property must be equitably divided, the children going with the mother.

    They were all, Jane's hours, serenely and equitably disposed.

    (Since the moneys more strictly belonged to the Schuyler heirs, it may be said that equitably they were the real Seigneurs).

    But that you cannot equitably receive them, this you have still to learn.

    There is nothing I wish for more than to see it amicably and equitably settled.

    Our claims were fairly heard, equitably adjudged, and the awards were honorably and punctually paid to the sufferers.

    He must see that the laws are fairly and equitably administered.

    He was noble, wealthy, and popular, and he hoped to settle the question peacefully and equitably.

    We are convinced, (in Mr. Wilson's words,) "that all shall be equitably dealt with according to their opportunities."

    And Mirabelle had told him more than once, and in plain English, that she planned to divide with him––not equally, but equitably.

Word Origin & History of - equitably

    Word Origin & History

    equitable 1640s, from Fr. équitable, from équité (see equity). Related: Equitably.

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