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Word Example of - equivalent

    Example Sentences for equivalent

    To call him a liar was equivalent to contracting a doctor's bill.

    With his own direct standards of conduct it was equivalent to dishonesty.

    When fresh tomatoes are out of season, their equivalent in canned may be used.

    It is the equivalent of the thirteenth roll in a 'baker's dozen.'

    And as often as not he took away with his bargain a glance which was equivalent to a kick.

    In the bible translation the word is used as the equivalent of angel or spirit.

    In the fourth century of our ra we find this word made plural, and even feminine, and used as the equivalent of Parc.

    This is equivalent to the imposition of a tax on all the sugar consumed at home.

    Which, of course, is not equivalent to showing that all instincts must have been developed by natural selection alone.

    As there were 11 blocks in the ring of the arch, this rate would be equivalent to 7½ cu.

Word Origin & History of - equivalent

    Word Origin & History

    equivalent mid-15c., from L.L. aequivalentem (nom. aequivalens) "equivalent," pp. of aequivalere "be equivalent," from L. aequus "equal" + valere "be well, be worth" (see valiant).

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