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Word Example of - equivocate

    Example Sentences for equivocate

    Why suffer that lip I have kissed a thousand times to equivocate?

    I could not equivocate with this woman, I could no more lie to her sorrow than to the Judgment.

    I will not equivocate—I will not excuse—I will not retreat a single inch.

    How could she equivocate, with her child lying dead in the house.

    But she did not dare to equivocate as to her precarious state.

    But be sure you do not equivocate in the question of this girl.

    It is said that he had such a reverence for truth, even from infancy, that he was never known to equivocate.

    I have no patience with those who quibble and equivocate in regard to their having been seasick.

    I know your purpose, son Thomas,' said I; 'so it is in vain for you to equivocate.

    To falter, or equivocate, or dissemble to this woman would be wicked.

Word Origin & History of - equivocate

    Word Origin & History

    equivocate 1580s, from V.L. *aequivocat-, pp. stem of aequivocare (see equivocation). Related: Equivocated; equivocating.

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