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Word Example of - eradicate

    Example Sentences for eradicate

    It is possible that future study may tell man enough about insects to enable him to eradicate them.

    There is a suggestion of weakness in your nature which I wish to eradicate.

    As Eradicate came out to help put away the monoplane Tom noticed that the colored man was holding one hand as though it hurt him.

    When that is in a woman's system, it is almost impossible to eradicate.

    The object of the Powers was to eradicate every trace of the Napoleonic administration.

    They had been bred in my bones, and it was impossible to eradicate them.

    She had seen meannesses in Zenith that its gorgeous sunsets and its tonic air could not eradicate from memory.

    The country here is infested by guerillas, whom all our efforts cannot eradicate.

    Still, all these terms he would be disposed to eradicate from within the divinity.

    Have I realized that, if I cannot eradicate an evil habit, probably no one else can or will?

Word Origin & History of - eradicate

    Word Origin & History

    eradicate mid-16c., from L. eradicat-, pp. stem of eradicare (see eradication). Related: Eradicated; eradicating.

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