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Word Example of - erase

    Example Sentences for erase

    I wish I could erase all the troubles that have marred these days for you.

    Yet they have had no power to erase the poetry of Donatello's mighty style.

    By free books and what goes with them in modern America we mean to erase the mob from existence.

    After writing these lines I have doubted whether I should not erase them.

    An elector voting for me had to erase the name of my competitor and insert mine.

    Nor age, nor business, nor distress can erase the dear image from my imagination.

    Also the constant creasing of the back tends to erase the gold lettering, so that it becomes indistinct.

    And first of all, erase from it all that you have heard me say in the council-room.

    I could not erase from my memory the injuries I had received, and my vindictive spirit continually brooded over them.

    He could not erase errors, or paint them over, as an artist does.

Word Origin & History of - erase

    Word Origin & History

    erase c.1600, from L. erasus, pp. of eradere "scrape out," from ex- "out" + radere "to scrape" (see raze). Of magnetic tape, from 1945.

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