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Word Example of - erect

    Example Sentences for erect

    Erect this within ten feet of a nest, and leave it alone for a few hours.

    The head is erect, and the forehead encircled by a fillet, much carved.

    It was under consideration of the house of assembly, some time ago, to erect a covered market, but the proposition was overruled.

    Grandfather was there, erect and well, for the Bath waters had done wonders for him.

    It was decided to erect this Temple of Masonry at a meeting of the craft held April 1, 1816.

    Here it was proposed to erect a dam, or barrier, right across the Nile.

    Everywhere along the bars and sand-spits the gray Canadas were idling, always with an erect, keen-eyed sentinel on guard.

    Erect and naked all, and guileless, Bodies and breasts and earth and skies!

    An erect variety, growing to a height of two feet or more, may be seen in cornfields.

    He was a picture for a painter man as he came that morning erect in his gig.

Word Origin & History of - erect

    Word Origin & History

    erect late 14c., from L. erectus "upright," pp. of erigere "raise or set up," from e- "up" + regere "to direct, keep straight, guide" (see regal). Related: Erected; erecting.