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Word Example of - erosion

    Example Sentences for erosion

    In either case, erosion has carried away its walls and filled up the channel leading from it, and thus obliterated its site.

    Then, to stop this "erosion," the obturating (sealing) primer came into use.

    Erosion by wind seems to have had something to do with these depressions.

    It is also clear that two periods of erosion are represented on its walls.

    It is something heretofore unknown and unsuspected in scenery—a miracle of erosion, a peerless fantasy of color.

    Even at low water there is an enormous amount of erosion going on.

    The western valleys are as much the result of erosion as those of the east.

    One of these is the amount of erosion which the ice-sheets and glaciers had produced.

    On steep slopes a certain number of trees must be left to protect the watershed and to prevent the erosion of the soil.

    The term “erosion” is one of the most important in geologic science.

Word Origin & History of - erosion

    Word Origin & History

    erosion 1540s, from M.Fr. erosion, from L. erosionem (nom. erosio), from erodere "gnaw away," from ex- "away" + rodere "gnaw" (see rodent).

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