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The Synonym of - errand (noun)

Word Example of - errand

    Example Sentences for errand

    She has been sent on an errand, and wants to get across the street.

    There was no one in the shop as Bart had apparently gone out on an errand.

    What errand summoned these men in red robes to this man in a black coat?

    Bertha went on her errand, but quickly returned with Maurice.

    George saw her coming, and wondered what could possibly be her errand.

    But you probably know this—it is doubtless part of your errand.

    He was dreadfully overcome when Captain Gale announced his errand.

    What is the most money he ever gave you for an errand, Gloomy?

    It was to R—— that I was ordered on my first errand of this kind.

    No, she has not been here; therefore that part of your errand is soon disposed of.

Word Origin & History of - errand

    Word Origin & History

    errand O.E. ærende "message, mission," from P.Gmc. *ærundjam. Related: Errands.

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