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Word Example of - especial

    Example Sentences for especial

    But, as I have said, our data do not relate to some especial other world.

    His opinion of things had especial value even in his Junior year.

    Jeremiah refers with especial frequency to the power of the word.

    Every one must have his little sphere of plunder and especial advantage.

    But yours are so far out that they have to have especial help in judging them.

    He was entertained with the bagpipes, which seemed to have especial charms for the natives.

    Joseph was his especial favorite among his sons, and Jacob showed his preference in ways that were perhaps not wise.

    The seniors in especial were anxious to distinguish themselves.

    When it first appeared, it was honoured with your notice in an especial manner; and is not a little benefited by your labours.

    Many were sent out without any especial equipment for their task.

Word Origin & History of - especial

    Word Origin & History

    especial late 14c., from O.Fr. especial "pre-eminent, important," from L. specialis "belonging to a particular kind or species," from species "kind" (see species). Latin words with initial sp-, st-, sc- usually acquired an e- when borrowed by O.Fr. Modern French has restored the word to spécial. Originally with the same sense as special, later restricted to feelings, qualities, etc.

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