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Word Example of - especially

    Example Sentences for especially

    It was especially so in the condition of affairs represented to him.

    Maciot was universally beloved, but especially by the natives.

    It's awful to be chained, especially for a dog like me that loves his freedom.

    It was then he discovered that she had especially fine eyes.

    The Teutonic races seem to be especially free from the taint.

    It forced at least external conformity and silence, especially of the masses.

    It was an obscure incident of the war, especially as fighting was renewed in Angola.

    The flesh of the buffalo, especially that of the cow, is juicy, and tender in the extreme.

    Besides, it is the fashion to be married in a white dress; especially for maidens like you!

    Of all mammals, the beaver is the most especially fitted to enjoy a social life.

Word Origin & History of - especially

    Word Origin & History

    especially c.1400, from O.Fr. especial (see especial).