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Word Example of - essay

    Example Sentences for essay

    Everybody read and admired an essay the style of which was new and striking.

    With these precautions, in 1733, was published the first part of the Essay on Man.

    By returning safely with that, you may enable us to renew the essay with better calculated means.

    Why did you say, Diana, that you knew something about the essay?

    The wonder of Du Maurier's essay, the astounding spectacle of his success, cannot be diminished by any such explanation of it.

    Oh, Saint Cupido, what vanity is this, to essay to paint the unpaintable!

    As the essay is not intended to be exhaustive, there should be judgment in the selection of points to be presented.

    And with a stanza of Epicurean optimism from Horace the Essay closes.

    The most immature essay must be more than a summary; a mere summary is never an essay.

    What three things are to be considered in estimating the worth of an essay?

Word Origin & History of - essay

    Word Origin & History

    essay 1590s, "short non-fiction literary composition" (first attested in writings of Francis Bacon, probably in imitation of Montaigne), from M.Fr. essai "trial, attempt, essay," from L.L. exagium "a weighing, weight," from L. exigere "test," from ex- "out" + agere apparently meaning here "to weigh." The suggestion is of unpolished writing. The more literal verb meaning "to put to proof, test the mettle of" is from late 15c.; this sense has mostly gone with the divergent spelling assay (q.v.). Related: Essayed; essaying. Essayist is from c.1600.

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