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Word Example of - essence

    Example Sentences for essence

    And, brethren, our self-surrender is the essence of our Christianity.

    That of which the essence is uniformity will be soon described.

    Its essence is in the form, or perhaps I may rather say in the formlessness, of the law.

    The essence of the mimus is in pantomime as the name denotes.

    The simplest way to prepare this is to toast white bread cut in strips, then spread each with butter and essence of anchovy.

    All this while you have been asleep in the Valley of the Essence and the Attributes.

    A small portion of essence dorient is introduced into each, by suction, and is then spread over the inner surface of the glass.

    Along with this breeze came the most delicious fragrance—the essence of flowers.

    The essence of the New Testament seems to be the emphasis of a man's spirit with or without money.

    Together they formed the Spirit of Nature with the ideal as its essence.

Word Origin & History of - essence

    Word Origin & History

    essence late 14c., from L. essentia "being, essence," abstract n. formed in imitation of Gk. ousia "being, essence" (from on, gen. ontos, prp. of einai "to be"), from prp. stem of esse "to be," from PIE *es- (cf. Skt. asmi, Hittite eimi, O.C.S. jesmi, Lith. esmi, Goth. imi, O.E. eom "I am;" see be). Originally "substance of the Trinity," the general sense of "basic element of anything" is first recorded in English 1650s, though this is the base meaning of the first English use of essential (mid-14c.).

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