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Word Example of - essentials

    Example Sentences for essentials

    He had come of a people which had to do with essentials in the matter of emotions.

    Now what those proposals were does not concern the essentials of this story.

    His love for education prompted many sacrifices and he tried hard to give his children the essentials of good schooling.

    Impedimenta, advice as to, 4-6;all essentials procurable at Hong Kong, 4.

    His latest novel, 'The Sword of Fate,' contains all the essentials of a popular story.

    It is, of course, true that we do not learn the essentials of our country in our schooldays.

    I read much, and particularly Greek; and I find that I am, in all essentials, still not a bad scholar.

    There are three essentials to success in cultivating the soil.

    The abb has said that England would be the finest country in the world, but that it wants too essentials, sunshine and cooks.

    It will be seen that they resemble each other exactly in essentials.

Word Origin & History of - essentials

    Word Origin & History

    essential mid-14c., "that is such by its essence," from L.L. essentialis, from essentia (see essence). Meaning "pertaining to essence" is from late 14c., that of "constituting the essence of something" is from 1540s; that of "necessary" is from 1520s. Essentials "indispensible elements" is from early 16c. Related: Essentially; essentialism (1939); essentialist..

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