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Word Example of - establish

    Example Sentences for establish

    The rashness of such a plan it is more easy for one to establish than two to deny.

    But Glanvill also seems to admit the use of witness to establish debts.

    It was the mission of Zeno to establish the doctrines of his master.

    From this point La Salle intended to establish communication with his depot at Niagara.

    That he was hunted to suicide, I could, if necessary, establish by indisputable testimony.

    The only woman, so it was recorded, ever to establish a newspaper on an Indian reservation.

    If it does not breathe at once, a little brisk patting on the breast and thigh may establish respiration.

    The Roman who endeavored to establish a separate government for himself in Spain.

    I believe Captain Glazier to have been actuated by a desire to establish the truth of this problem.

    At this Conference it was determined to establish the Christian Guardian newspaper.

Word Origin & History of - establish

    Word Origin & History

    establish late 14c., from O.Fr. establiss-, stem of establir, from L. stabilire "make stable," from stabilis "stable" (see stable (2)). Related: Established; establishing.

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