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Word Example of - estate

    Example Sentences for estate

    After Abe had reached the estate of manhood, she was still in her 'teens.

    The technical expression for the rule was that they were annexed to the estate in privity.

    Did it belong rightly to Belforest estate or to Caroline Brownlow?

    Hence the plaintiff must always be privy in estate with the covenantee.

    It was his desire that the services indicated in connection with this estate should continue till this date.

    The Andersons had been small farmers on the Gore estate for some generations.

    The wines which he had never tasted were sweetly stimulating and had been made on the estate.

    When he died my father went to take possession of his estate in Segura.

    What estate I have is deeply mortgaged for the purchase of war-horses, and I owe besides in this town full ten thousand florins.

    She was a year the senior and lived on her mother's estate some miles from the town.

Word Origin & History of - estate

    Word Origin & History

    estate early 13c., from Anglo-Fr. astat, O.Fr. estat, from L. status "state or condition," from root of stare "to stand" from PIE base *sta- "to stand" (see stet). Oldest sense is of "rank, standing, condition;" sense of "property" is late 14c., from "worldly prosperity;" specific application to "landed property" (usually of large extent) is first recorded in Amer.Eng. 1620s. A native word for this was M.E. ethel (O.E. æðel) "ancestral land or estate, patrimony." Meaning "collective assets of a dead person or debtor" is from 1830. The three estates (in Sweden and Aragon, four) conceived orders in the body politic date from late 14c. In France, they are the clergy, nobles, and townsmen; in England, originally the clergy, barons, and commons, later Lords Spiritual, Lords Temporal, and commons. For Fourth Estate see four.

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