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Word Example of - estrangement

    Example Sentences for estrangement

    Reflect, then, I entreat you, ere you afford even a causeless impression of distance or estrangement.

    In spite of their estrangement they were both looking forward to the dance.

    In a moment, however, he was calm, dispassionate and lifeless as I had always found him since the estrangement began.

    As if the estrangement between them had come of any culpability of hers.

    He loved his son too much to contemplate making more evil for the lad by any estrangement between them.

    Estrangement from the land of his birth set in when he left the monastery of Steyn.

    Its ruin was certainly hastened by the estrangement between its royal house and that of the Ostrogoths.

    Paul promised, and all the estrangement seemed to melt away.

    The estrangement between the Eastern Empire and the West became more pronounced.

    I may say that the estrangement was, perhaps, more my fault than that of the Lavilles.

Word Origin & History of - estrangement

    Word Origin & History

    estrange late 15c., from M.Fr. estrangier "alienate," from L. extraneus "foreign" (see strange). Related: Estranged; estrangement.