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What is a better word for etched? What's another word for etched? What are 5 "etched synonyms"? How can I replace the word etched? What is the meaning of etched in English?

Word Example of - etched

    Example Sentences for etched

    And I called to them and they came in, and Howell said: 'Why, you have etched many plates, haven't you?

    The etched line is clear and strong, from the clean biting of the acid.

    The plain indeed was etched in white circles and whirligigs like the slope of a colossal wave.

    Some were painted with wood-dyes, and others were etched in relief patterns.

    If a few drops of aquafortis or other acid are poured on a clean ground stone, it will be etched.

    With etched frontispieces by Abot and an etched portrait of Titian.

    He was writing now, putting on paper the pictures that had been etched in his brain and in his heart during his wander years.

    I had etched a very little myself and was free of the fraternity.

    After the drawing is dry, it is etched and prepared in the usual way.

    And the picture of it was etched on his mind as clearly as memory could paint it.

Word Origin & History of - etched

    Word Origin & History

    etch 1630s, "to engrave by eating away the surface of with acids," from Du. etsen, from Ger. ätzen "to etch," from O.H.G. azzon "cause to bite, feed," from P.Gmc. *atjanan, caus. of *etanan "eat." Related: Etched; etching.