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Word Example of - etching

    Example Sentences for etching

    His skill with the etching needle had become so great that technical difficulties practically did not exist for him.

    Handsomely illustrated with a series of portraits in etching and photogravure.

    The basis of this association may be represented as a material one, a kind of many-coloured ‘etching’ on the brain.

    After the negative is "turned," it is ready for the etching room.

    Rembrandt's etching ground has been the subject of considerable discussion.

    The plate as it comes from the etching bath may be termed a mechanical product.

    Prince Rupert was also an encourager of useful arts and manufactures: he himself was the inventor of etching.

    Etching is done in two ways, painting the fluid on and pouring it on.

    The thought that "this was etched" assumed the invention and the use of etching beforehand.

    After etching, wash with water, coat with gum and put aside to dry.

Word Origin & History of - etching

    Word Origin & History

    etching 1630s, action of the verb etch.; c.1770 as "a print, etc., made from an etched plate."

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