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What is a better word for eternal? What's another word for eternal? What are 5 "eternal synonyms"? How can I replace the word eternal? What is the meaning of eternal in English?

Word Example of - eternal

    Example Sentences for eternal

    Is it wickedness in me that I do not feel a willingness to be left to eternal sin?

    Witwoud, almost as much as Millamant herself, is an eternal type.

    To the eternal credit of the Staff Jane Brown's part in that painful half hour was never known.

    She was pretty and kittenish, with fluffy hair and an eternal smile.

    Divine authority for the naturalization of mankind in that eternal Kingdom has been restored to earth in the current age.

    First must I combat with my fellow men—and then for my eternal struggle!

    If so, the phrase "eternal justice" should be stricken from Scripture and literature, and "infamous injustice" substituted.

    If art has no firmer foundation than that, if it is not eternal, then it is utterly useless.

    A little while and all shall be made good, according to the eternal counsels and immutable promise of God.

    There is no future to God's promises; they are in the eternal present.

Word Origin & History of - eternal

    Word Origin & History

    eternal mid-14c. (in variant form eterne), from O.Fr. eternal, from L.L. aeternalis, from L. aeternus contraction of aeviternus "of great age," from aevum "age" (see eon). Related: Eternally.