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What is a better word for ethic? What's another word for ethic? What are 5 "ethic synonyms"? How can I replace the word ethic? What is the meaning of ethic in English?

Word Example of - ethic

    Example Sentences for ethic

    There is matter for thought in the fact that the Christian ethic has been called an ethic of slaves.

    Ethic on its didactic side is outside his business altogether.

    In the "philosophy of religion" we had still men and women, but in the "ethic" this final distinction vanishes.

    The pathos confronts us too exclusively, not modified by any ethic principle.

    All ethic deems intentional infliction of injury justified by necessity; that is when it is a matter of self preservation.

    It was the ethic of a professional bowler and the religion of a banker.

    Its contents or material shift their values back and forth from technological or utilitarian to ├Žsthetic, ethic, or affectional.

    To others he only spoke of his ethic epistles in the "Horatian way."

    In its practical activity there are also two degrees, the Economic and the Ethic, related to each other in the same way.

    The Christian ethic, to the bewildered chagrin of its advocates, has triumphed.

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    Word Origin & History of ethic

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