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Word Example of - etiology

    Example Sentences for etiology

    These studies in pathogenesis and etiology are fundamentally necessary for the development of a rational therapy and prophylaxis.

    The third volume of the fifth edition treats of the etiology and cure of crime.

    More detailed study, however, has shown that other ductless glands are probably also concerned in the etiology.

    First, because they help317 us to understand the pathology and etiology of malaria.

    Let us therefore examine this question of etiology, and try to discover what opinion ought to prevail.

    The etiology of rachitis must be studied from two points of view.

    The development is insidious, and the etiology is not known.

    With the etiology mainly exogenous 20% recovered and 14.3% improved.

    Let us turn to some of the current theories of the etiology of scurvy.

    This is all the more surprising as the two affections are so different in their etiology.

Word Origin & History of - etiology

    Word Origin & History

    etiology "science of causes or causation," 1550s, from Gk. aitiologia "statement of cause," from aitia "cause" + -logia "speaking." Related: Etiologic; etiological.

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