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Word Example of - etymology

    Example Sentences for etymology

    If this etymology be accepted, we have here the use of the word gate as a way.

    Criticism, as its etymology indicates, is the act of judging.

    So all the French philologists agree; and the modern variance of aux armes does not invalidate so plain an etymology.

    It makes a feature of the derivation or etymology of the words.

    I have given this etymology in order to throw a light on our language, and show how our citizens have finished by acquiring names.

    Many conjectures have been made as to the etymology of oriel.

    Such is the meaning of the word, but I would not like to vouch for the etymology.

    These priests, as shown by the etymology of their name, are associated with the sun.

    When we hear a new name for an invention we begin to look up the etymology of the word to see why it is so called.

    Cat language has been reduced to etymology in several tongues.

Word Origin & History of - etymology

    Word Origin & History

    etymology late 14c., from Gk. etymologia, from etymon "true sense" (neut. of etymos "true," related to eteos "true") + logos "word." In classical times, of meanings; later, of histories. Latinized by Cicero as veriloquium. Related: Etymological; etymologically; etymologist.

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