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Word Example of - etymon

    Example Sentences for etymon

    I cannot admit any of these derivations, though perhaps my own etymon may not be deemed less irrelevant, viz.

    If this etymon be deemed unsatisfactory, they offer the following: from the Fr.

    Your correspondent asks the "etymon of our English word pearl."

    Let me give only one etymon by way of preparation for my answer.

    Richardson is also in favour of this etymon, notwithstanding its harshness and insipidity.

    As we have above given an etymon of cobweb, we will here repeat our note on the word gossamer in the Fairy Legends.

    Will you accept a French elucidation of the etymon of this word, which has sorely puzzled your correspondents?

    The old French vairon signifies anything of two colours, and may possibly be the etymon of vaire.

    I am inclined to think, with the two first-mentioned lexicographers, that the etymon is πόσις, or potio.

Word Origin & History of - etymon

    Word Origin & History of - etymon

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