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Word Example of - eulogistic

    Example Sentences for eulogistic

    The mayor had prepared a long and eulogistic harangue for the occasion.

    Even when descriptive or eulogistic, it is a direct address.

    "Truth" is a eulogistic, "error" a dyslogistic, way of valuing a cognitive situation.

    The word "principle" is a eulogistic cover for the fact of tendency.

    Perhaps, on the whole, it may seem to some that I write or speak in terms too eulogistic.

    He applies to her only a few epithets, the most eulogistic of which is “Lucina the shene.”

    Vainly do all the disciples of honest Izaak Walton discourse, in eulogistic strains, of the pleasure of the sport.

    Crtineau-Joly's history was written in great haste; he is often a special pleader, and even Jesuits find him too eulogistic.

    The mountaineer was very much pleased at hearing words so eulogistic of himself and his, and could not repress his gratification.

    But what made things worse was that, when the Captain left the stand, he had been addressed in eulogistic terms by counsel.

Word Origin & History of - eulogistic

    Word Origin & History of eulogistic

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