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Word Example of - eulogy

    Example Sentences for eulogy

    Mr. West expressed his intense gratification over what had been said in eulogy of Mr. Queed.

    His contemporaries speak of his character in terms of eulogy.

    Eulogy on Minos, as having established laws on this divine type or natural rectitude.

    What a theme for a painter, and what a eulogy was that scene!

    His oration was lengthy and his eulogy spoken with evident emotion.

    And this eulogy was pronounced by a prophet, a poet, and a king—no common assemblage.

    Cecilia blushed her concurrence; yet could well at that moment have spared hearing the eulogy.

    She paused, as if rehearsing her eulogy, but her face remained dissatisfied.

    To give a list would be impossible; for every name would require a eulogy too lengthy for the pages of The Revolution.

    In the laugh that followed, it would seem that Brant's eulogy had been spoken and forgotten.

Word Origin & History of - eulogy

    Word Origin & History

    eulogy mid-15c., from Gk. eulogia "praise," from eu- "well" + -logia "speaking," from logos "discourse, word," from legein "speak" (see lecture). Eu legein meant "speak well of."

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