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Word Example of - evade

    Example Sentences for evade

    So he began to resist her with the more pleasure that he could at least evade her questions.

    It is not altogether suspicion, but she really does evade his glance.

    How can I evade its ghastly grip, how keep myself from suicide, from the desperate hankering after death?

    Our policy is to evade a peril we cannot control or destroy.

    But in trying to evade Tom's crashing right hand, he missed his shot and was grazed by Tom's fist.

    To evade the direct question she was obliged to abandon her defiant attitude.

    It seemed to be assumed that he might be tempted to evade his orders.

    He said you did not have any ticket, and that it was all a trick to evade paying your fare.

    That responsibility for your neighbor is a responsibility and an accountability that you and I cannot avoid or evade.

    If I had been alone it would have been an easy matter to evade him.

Word Origin & History of - evade

    Word Origin & History

    evade 1510s, from M.Fr. evader, from L. evadere "to escape, get away," from ex- "away" + vadere "to go, walk" (see vamoose). Related: Evaded; evading

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