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Word Example of - evaluate

    Example Sentences for evaluate

    In addition, by visualizing the pertinent operations involved, he enables himself to evaluate the costs to be expected.

    The result is illustrative of the relation between what we do and how we evaluate what we do.

    However, properly defined, it can help us to evaluate the Fair Play settlers in some understandable context.

    Our experts will evaluate such holdings and recompense the owners.

    It is the duty of the health physicist to evaluate and control any potential hazard in the use of nuclear energy.

    I'll just give you my line of reasoning, and you can evaluate it for yourself.

    The next thing we evaluate is the performance of students graduated during the past twenty-five years.

    We evaluate the whole range of factors that have anything to do with the situation.

    Here again the Committee was not engaged on a fact-finding mission, but was seeking to evaluate the evidence in a broad way.

    The theologian should not attempt to evaluate his age; the preacher may.

Word Origin & History of - evaluate

    Word Origin & History

    evaluate 1842, a back formation from evaluation. Originally in mathematics. Related: Evaluated; evaluating.

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