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Word Example of - evaporation

    Example Sentences for evaporation

    After reaching the lake these fresh waters, in the ordinary meaning of the term, are concentrated by evaporation.

    Fortunately, beds of excellent salt were found, formed by the evaporation of salt water in basins on the land.

    Warming the glass slightly, evaporation is promoted, but by evaporation the water only is removed.

    Evaporation of its water the principal change it undergoes, 334.

    Nevertheless, the young and vigorous Caspian only represents the first stage in the process of evaporation of an inland sea.

    This is more rapid in its evaporation than spirits of wine, but is very expensive.

    The residue left on the evaporation of chloroform should be employed for testing.

    But seasoning implies other changes besides the evaporation of water.

    In another letter, he makes some most readable observations upon the evaporation of rivers and the relations of colors to heat.

    The evaporation from water-surface in England, is put, by Mr. Dalton, at 44.43 inches.

Word Origin & History of - evaporation

    Word Origin & History

    evaporation late 14c., from L. evaporationem (nom. evaporatio), from evaporare "disperse in vapor or steam," from ex- "out" + vapor "steam" (see vapor).

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