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What is a better word for even? What's another word for even? What are 5 "even synonyms"? How can I replace the word even? What is the meaning of even in English?

Word Example of - even

    Example Sentences for even

    Even when they did pick out novels, they were just as tough as the history books.

    Even as she uttered her threat Pen was mechanically straightening his pillow!

    Even when the hour for starting arrived, there was no Anthony, no message from Anthony.

    What even denied a cordial at his end, Banished the doctor, and expelled the friend?

    They had reached us while our host was down, even while my fist was still clenched.

    And peers give way, exalted as they are, Even to their own s-r-v-ance in a car?

    Even if your suspicions are correct—and you scarcely know what you suspect, do you?

    "Even if your father were alive, Jimmy, it couldn't be the same," answered Pen.

    But even if it is possible, it still is quite out of the question.

    Clif did not see him; and neither did the sailors, nor even the Spaniards on the vessel.

Word Origin & History of - even

    Word Origin & History

    even O.E. efen "level," also "equal" (as in efeneald "of the same age"), from P.Gmc. *ebnaz (cf. Ger. eben, Goth. ibns). Etymologists are uncertain whether the original sense was "level" or "alike." Of numbers, from 1550s. Modern adverbial sense (introducing an extreme case of something more generally implied) seems to have arisen 16c. from use of the word to emphasize identity ("Who, me?" "Even you," etc.) Sense of "on an equal footing" is from 1630s. Related: Evenly. Rhyming reduplication phrase even steven is attested from 1866; even break first recorded 1911. Evenhanded attested from c.1600; ...even-tempered from 1875.