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Word Example of - evening

    Example Sentences for evening

    If Harry were nervous already, what would he be on Thursday evening.

    No one could look like Pen, he thought, and he would dance with her all the evening.

    The school committee met on the following Wednesday evening.

    It is like coming out of a foetid cave into the evening sunshine.

    The 'Sunbeam' left Macassar on the evening of the 20th of April.

    "Just look at that," she said, and pointed to an article in a New York evening paper.

    I liked him, and, no doubt seeing it, he came and came again every evening.

    She was better pleased than if his evening was to be spent anywhere else.

    The evening was closed by a ball given by the Prince to the ladies of the town.

    Stafford King had not asked to see her, and she had the evening free.

Word Origin & History of - evening

    Word Origin & History

    evening from O.E. verb æfnung "grow toward evening," from æfnian "become evening," from æfen "evening" (see eve). As a synonym of even (n.), it dates from c.1440 and now entirely replaces the older word in this sense. Another O.E. noun for "evening" was cwildtid.