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What is a better word for evenly? What's another word for evenly? What are 5 "evenly synonyms"? How can I replace the word evenly? What is the meaning of evenly in English?

Word Example of - evenly

    Example Sentences for evenly

    "If you have come here toβ€”β€”" he heard Consuello say, coolly, evenly.

    And since he spoke low, and evenly, Grandpa did not wake, to interrupt.

    Finally put in a smooth mold with a sheet of paper in the bottom, all evenly greased with butter and cook in a double boiler.

    The Congressmen were evenly divided between the two parties.

    β€œI have covered that point, Mr. Ketchim,” replied Reed evenly.

    This then, I say, is evenly balanced: but how should one who is but man know the course which is safe?

    "I haven't seen Jack since he left Juno," Morgan said evenly.

    For many years now his life had flown so evenly in all big essentials.

    Thirteen out of each hundred are about evenly divided between Thigh and Navel Rupture.

    "I had forgotten that yaharigans of Earth have weapons that might be annoying," he said evenly.

Word Origin & History of - evenly

    Word Origin & History

    even O.E. efen "level," also "equal" (as in efeneald "of the same age"), from P.Gmc. *ebnaz (cf. Ger. eben, Goth. ibns). Etymologists are uncertain whether the original sense was "level" or "alike." Of numbers, from 1550s. Modern adverbial sense (introducing an extreme case of something more generally implied) seems to have arisen 16c. from use of the word to emphasize identity ("Who, me?" "Even you," etc.) Sense of "on an equal footing" is from 1630s. Related: Evenly. Rhyming reduplication phrase even steven is attested from 1866; even break first recorded 1911. Evenhanded attested from c.1600; ...even-tempered from 1875.