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Word Example of - evict

    Example Sentences for evict

    Malone declined to make any change, and as a last resort it was decided to evict him.

    Indians, like the Irish, will not pay rent, so we were compelled to evict them.

    But, however tumble-down and squalid his dwelling may be, there is always a landlord who can evict him.

    The landlord was going to evict the Coquets on the fifth floor.

    The consequence is that when Miss Gardiner again attempts to evict him she must incur the considerable cost of a new writ.

    However, after the battle the badgers ceased to try and evict him.

    It was impossible, of course, to evict half of the preachers in the country.

    These were the people who wanted to evict her from her house.

    Besides, for six months past her landlord had been threatening to evict her.

    You're going to evict us from our little farm that we have had in our family for years and years without number.

Word Origin & History of - evict

    Word Origin & History

    evict mid-15c., "recover property," from L. evictus, pp. of evincere "recover property, overcome and expel, conquer," from ex- "out" + vincere "conquer" (see victor). Sense of "expel by legal process" first recorded in English 1530s. Related: Evicted; evicting.

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