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What is a better word for evidence? What's another word for evidence? What are 5 "evidence synonyms"? How can I replace the word evidence? What is the meaning of evidence in English?

Word Example of - evidence

    Example Sentences for evidence

    Mrs. Armstrong's air of excitement was very much in evidence.

    No one saw Buckner take the money, according to your evidence, except Nick.

    But, as Mrs. Pott truly says, this is 'contrary to all evidence.'

    "There is a further bit of evidence I might offer," he added.

    However, let's get every shred of evidence before we let Beresford open.

    "He sat next to you," said Sir Stanley, with evidence of enjoyment.

    The evidence for and against the several hypotheses may be stated briefly.

    We have a great deal of evidence, but not sufficient evidence to convict.

    Really, Sir, your "evidence" that the new law is more favorable to the fugitive than the old one falls short of demonstration.

    You fellows have often wanted me to write to this person and that, but writing is evidence.

Word Origin & History of - evidence

    Word Origin & History

    evidence c.1300, "appearance from which inferences may be drawn," from Fr. évidence, from L.L. evidentia "proof," originally "distinction," from L. evidentem (see evident). Meaning "ground for belief" is from late 14c., that of "obviousness" is 1660s. Legal senses are from c.1500, when it began to oust witness. As a verb, from c.1600. Related: Evidenced; evidencing