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Word Example of - evolution

    Example Sentences for evolution

    Yet 'the evolution of opinion is part of the whole evolution'.

    The cowboy appeared, summoned out of the shadows by the demand of evolution.

    And is this progress in a durable sense, or morbidness in evolution?

    He becomes a personality who has reached a higher degree of evolution.

    If therefore the proofs of the Origin of Species are wanting the whole theory of Evolution falls in ruins to the ground.

    Evolution of language, as well as of logic, belongs to cultural evolution.

    There are always disadvantages attending the development of a new country and the evolution of a new society.

    Let us, then, consider the stages in the evolution of both these types of feet.

    The laws of evolution, of heredity, of adaptation, hold good with human beings as with all other creatures of nature.

    It becomes evident what true Christianity is to be in the evolution of the world.

Word Origin & History of - evolution

    Word Origin & History of - evolution

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