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Word Example of - evolving

    Example Sentences for evolving

    The neighborhood was deteriorating, or evolving, as you happened to look at it.

    And so the marvels of Nature go on evolving,—wheels within wheels.

    I think, on the whole, though, that in evolving a race of cattle you have a little further to go than Texas had.

    It is an evolving conception in a constantly changing universe.

    We can only say that it is both the point of origin for the evolving universe of life and form and its terminus.

    The evolving once more of the great spontaneous gestures of life.

    He ran like a young athlete down the dock to the nearest workman, evolving schemes as he went.

    But she struck out boldly with the scheme that she had been evolving.

    Blavatsky taught me to look on man as an evolving entity, in whose life career births and deaths are recurring incidents.

    We next come to the formation (that is the making, or evolving) of the sun and moon.

Word Origin & History of - evolving

    Word Origin & History

    evolve 1640s, "to unfold, open out, expand," from L. evolvere "unroll," from ex- "out" + volvere "to roll" (see vulva). Related: Evolved; evolving.

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